250 West 57th Street

At 250 West 57th Street participates in all voluntary and mandated recycling programs. All white paper in the designated recycle wastebaskets at your offices is collected by the Cleaning staff and packaged for recycling pick up.

It’s as easy as...

  1. Mixed Paper
    Place all paper - any color, any type - into any general bin in the office designated for recycling, including your existing deskside bin and bins at all copy areas and printer stations. Mixed paper includes white paper, colored paper, newspapers, magazines, manilla folders, envelopes, adding machine tape, paperboard (the back of legal pads), paper bags, and phone books. Please do not dispose of food waste or food packaging in recycling bins.
  1. Corrugated Cardboard
    Request must be place through Tenant Services on the website.
    Please remove packaging material, flatten boxes and leave for collection next to a recycling bin for removal by night cleaning staff.
  1. Wet and Non-Paper Waste
    Dispose of all non-paper items, including food waste, plastic wrap, coffee cup lids and styrofoam, into pantry, kitchen or designated wastebaskets labeled with a “Garbage Only” label. Bins used for trash will be lined with a black bag.

Recycling helps protect our environment. Paper contaminated with food and non-paper waste cannot be recycled. Your participation is essential to the success of our recycling program.

Program maintained by Great Forest, Inc. Questions? Call Richard Cook 212-779-4757.