250 West 57th Street
Insurance Requirements

All Vendors and or Contractors performing work in the building will be required to submit an original copy of their Certificate of Insurance to the Management Office Suite 626 at 250 West 57th Street in the format as noted below:

Minimum Liability Coverage:

$2,000,000 per occurrence (Comprehensive General Liability)
$5,000,000 per occurrence (Excess/Umbrella Liability)
$1,000,000 combined single limit Insurance (Comprehensive Automobile Liability)
$1,000,000 Employer’s Liability Insurance
Workers Compensation-as per NYS statutory Limits

(Click here to download a sample certificate of insurance for more details)

The (Owner) ESRT 250 West 57th St., L.L.C. and its members, and the agents and representatives of the foregoing are included as additional insured as respected to their interest regarding 250 West 57th Street. Hold harmless statement is to be placed wither on the back of the Certificate or as a separate attachment.

Certificate Holder:

ESRT 250 West 57th St., L.L.C.
250 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10107